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About Us

LINTAS Travel Services Sdn Bhd has grown by leaps and bound over the years to become one of the leading Bumiputra travel and tour agency dedicated to providing end-to-end care for corporate and personal travellers worldwide. A global full-service centre, our services among others include ticketing, hotel reservations and transportation.

LINTAS Travel Services is in the business of creating memorable journeys: escalating results and efficiency whilst injecting simplicity. Today, we offer a wide array of destination selection reaching all parts of Asia, Middle East and Europe. Our Umrah and Hajj services are specially customized to accommodate clients’ unique preferences, as an individual, a team or an organization. Since our inception in 1986, LINTAS Travel Services has evolved into a strong company, marking its existence in the travel industry, from awards and recognition received from Malaysia Airlines, Emirates and Gulf Air over the years.

Our pool of trained officers provides cooperative and friendly services, striving to fulfil our motto, ‘Going the extra mile to make our customers smile’. Exceptionally dedicated to raise the bar of excellence, our team adheres to the core values of INTEGRITY, RESPONSIBILITY and EXCELLENCE.

We invite you to explore the world, together. Join us on this journey.