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Domestic tourism recovering during China's National Day holiday

The performance of China's tourism industry during the eight-day National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival holiday has shown robust economic recovery. The effective containment of the novel coronavirus disease has helped restore confidence of domestic tourists and further unleashed the potential of the tourism industry.

The rapid growth of the postal industry has also attested to the resumption of consumption. According to the State Post Bureau, the growth rate of parcel volume turned positive in February and has remained at over 30 percent.

With the epidemic largely brought under control, Chinese consumers have resumed requirements on the quality of not only products but services. Domestic tourists have begun to choose more diversified travel destinations and pursue personalized and comfortable experiences.

To attract tourists, many tourism platforms have cooperated with airlines to boost travel to less popular scenic spots through discounts during the holiday. Some tourist attractions have also introduced measures such as building temporary and mobile toilets to improve tourists' experience. The practices have provided a good reference for domestic tourist attractions on improving services to enhance appeal.

With consumption restored, restoring the economic growth to the previous level is far from enough. More efforts are needed to improve services to meet market demands and drive up consumption to boost economic recovery.

This is an edited excerpt of an article originally published in Beijing Youth Daily on October 10

Source : Beijing Review

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