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Why Malaysians Visit Singapore - The Findings

Finding #1: Singapore, an extension of lifestyle Due to close proximity and cultural similarities, Malaysians generally do not view Singapore as a travel destination. Instead, travel destinations are normally associated with being further away and are culturally differentiated. However, Malaysia continues to be the top three contributors in terms of visitor arrivals into Singapore. This is because Singapore is seen as an extension of lifestyle to Malaysians with a concentration of things they are able to do back home like shopping and dining but with a twist – they can catch a concert or musical that is not showing in Malaysia, discover a new dining concept not yet widely available in Malaysia. Therefore, lifestyle experiences that Malaysians can enjoy in Singapore are potential levers that can attract visitors from Malaysia.

Finding #2: Harnessing the potential of online while maintaining presence on traditional media. Malaysia has one of the highest internet penetrations in South-east Asia and use social networking heavily. As such, it is not surprising to see that online sources are becoming the choice medium to search for information before they travel. This is especially so for Malaysians traveling to Singapore as they are familiar with the destination and would know specifically what to search for most of the time. Post trips, social media is also an avenue they use to share their travel experiences. Bearing in mind how involved Malaysians are in social media, reviews of their experiences would have a great impact on their friends’ perception of the destination and decision to visit the location. Therefore, to aid the sharing of experiences, suitable platforms can be created where consumers can share their recent experiences. In addition, mechanisms could be put in place such that users are able to be notified of the latest events that are happening in Singapore. However, bearing in mind that online is still heavily skewed towards the younger population, traditional media of communications such as TV and radio are still important to reach out to the more mature group.

Finding #3: Value vs Price - highlighting value is of utmost importance. While we note that LCCs are hugely popular with Malaysians, it should not be misjudged that Malaysian travellers are price conscious but rather they are savvy travellers seeking the maximum value possible by reducing expenditure on airfare so that they can spend more at the destination. Therefore products, experiences and offerings that are being pushed out in the market should be able to clearly articulate the benefits or lifestyle experiences that they can enjoy only in Singapore to mitigate any adverse impact of the fluctuating currency.

Source : Singapore Tourism Board (STB)

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